The MAGIC® Method (Management and Growth Innovative Coaching) is a multidisciplinary, innovative and practical training method that, through high-impact techniques, allows the assumption and stimulation of competences, strategies and knowledge, to favor transformation processes, development and growth of people and its organizations.

The MAGIC® Method takes its name from the acronym “Management and Growth Innovative Coaching”. The MAGIC® Method is definitely a form of coaching aimed to professionalize human growth and, by extension, the company growth, through innovative management strategies conceived only for this method.

But also the name of MAGIC® Method involves techniques that have been used over centuries to generate interest and bring enthusiasm, wonder and passion to people through MAGIC. These techniques have proven to be effective all over the world, without distinction of language, race, gender, economic status, or social activity. Hence, we have taken the best of those techniques to include certain exercises in a professional way to present an innovative process of learning to foster the most powerful development for the participants and developing advantage to their businesses and everyday activities.

The MAGIC® Method allows you to effectively acquire 10 competences, thanks to exercises and controlled cases and thanks to an intense and effective experiential activity.

In addition, the key to our method is based on competencies validated thoroughly in simulated environments, to ensure their subsequent transfer to professional activities or similar contexts. The learning of these competences is complemented with strategies and knowledge.

The MAGIC® Method allows to internalize and stimulate 10 specific competences:


  1. Communication
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Self-learning
  4. Innovation
  5. Passion for people development
  1. Negotiation
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Adaptability
  5. Planning and organization

Successful completion of MAGIC® Method Basic Course, MAGIC® Method Intermediate Course, and MAGIC® Method Advanced Course are pre-requisites for the Certificate on MAGIC® Method approved by EBA-Consulting Training Division.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does the MAGIC® Method develop?

It develops 10 specific competences that the method considers essential for developing what we call Active Performance Professionals (APP), that is, leaders who have tools to achieve high levels of personal productivity and profitability for the company and who inspire their colleagues in their company to achieve the proposed goals.

  • How many modules does the MAGIC® Method covers?

The MAGIC® Method is divided into 3 modules: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

  • So the MAGIC® Method is only for managers or senior executives?

No. The MAGIC® Method is highly recommended for people who have a position of authority or responsibility in companies / organizations; However, the MAGIC® Method has been designed to strengthen the capabilities of teams in every area and level of the organizations regardless of their sector or scope. The method is also of a very high value for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

  • Are there specific people, areas or companies where the method is more useful?

The MAGIC® Method is highly effective for all personnel of any organization / company.

  • What does the MAGIC® Method offer me as an entrepreneur / manager?

Improves conversion rates in sales, generates a prosperous work environment, increases economic profits, stimulates high quality customer service, expands the capabilities of employees and those of the organization / company, facilitates change processes and improves the implementation of strategic plans, among others.

  • What does the MAGIC® Method offer me as an entrepreneur or self-employed?

There are many advantages, for example, acquiring tools to manage projects, even in early and underdeveloped stages; offers strategies that facilitate networking and power skills for personal relationships, so necessary for the promotion of new business and innovation. It encourages the strengthening of innovative businesses by applying an equally innovative and pioneering method to ensure adequate economic performance of your business / project.

  • What does the MAGIC® Method offer me as an employee / collaborator of a company / organization?

You will progress in the organization / company and you will access to promotion to new positions, access to challenging projects or salary increases. Learn strategies for achieving goals difficult to achieve. Put into practice skills to stand out and obtain greater professional recognition. Obtain tools to facilitate daily professional tasks, especially those related to sales, negotiation, team motivation or dealing with suppliers or customers.

  • Why should I choose the MAGIC® Method instead of other training courses?

The MAGIC Method is a pioneer in the use of high impact techniques and has a very specific objective: to train Active Performance Professionals. It is a method that overcomes professional, personal and academic deficiencies that are not learned at the university environment, nor in conventional training actions. That suppose the unequivocal basis for the development of the human potential of those who wish to truly consider themselves professional leaders in their sector. It will also be beneficial for personal growth, professional projection and it will increase your chances for success and improve your income.

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