Regarding to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at EBA-Consulting, we are clear that the ethical practice of consulting is increased when the company is considered as a group of people.

Therefore we have developed a four-based essential “investment” program:

Investing in an own business ethics and philosophy for our leaders define us as a genuine oriented organization who aims to support our society because it has provided us with their sustain, making us trustworthy.

Investing in new technologies, allow us to take advantage or the information society and to develop an appropriate and secure innovative technological environment that provides as platform to overcome current requirements of geography, distances and environment changes.

Investing in our human capital so our organization can achieve its objectives. We firmly believe that investing in improving and make our people evolve positively result in success in reaching their own goals, and the strenght of our team impacts into the success of your company.

Investing in a quality and environment policy so we can exploit existing resources sustainably without compromising future generations  and always looking to add value to our products and services and so for our customers.