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Strategic Productivity: The difference between produce and be productive.

Author: Omar España Arrieta

Abstract: The author develops a logical, practical and comprehensive vision of productivity to improve business profitability through the development of human capital. Starting from the premise that “companies are in fact people” the author relates the importance of the congruence that must link company policies and actions of everyday life, which has a positive effect for all stakeholders and especially for organization’s employees. He also develops ideas on how to discover and manage talented employees, the dual management between human resources departments and managers, skills and talent pools, etc. Besides, he develops elements such as objective leadership or Talent Footprint, which are concepts and tools that can help to solve the deep concerns in the current agenda of large multinationals and international organizations with complex structures and large amounts of human capital. Finally, valuable information on customer solving problems is included, which is considered the cornerstone of customer service; and the author closes with a chapter where he discusses, through his own experiences and that of other colleagues, an analysis on leadership that will undoubtedly make you see things from another point of view.

Year: 2019

Pages: 144

Format: E-book

Available: July, 2019


Note: This book is only available in Spanish.