Our personal coaching brings you many astonishing benefits: shows bright perspectives on personal challengesboost performanceenhances interpersonal effectivenessimproves decision-making skills, and increases confidence. Those who undertake personal coaching also can expect considerable improvement in productivity, life and work satisfaction, and achievement of significant goals.

Coaching is still seen as a corrective tool, used only when things have gone wrong. But coaching also should be considered to be a positive and proven approach for helping people discovers their goals and ambitions, and then attain to them.

The coaching method we use is uniqueEBA-Consulting’s coaching method gets the best results mixing innovative training, experience, an original technique and our product Magic Techniques® applied to company and MAGIC Method®.

We work with people mainly fostering curiosity, inquiry and interest rather than judgment. Nevertheless we apply the use structured reflection, analysis and thoughtful questioning to facilitate the person to accomplish new insights, identify creative possibilities and commit to make things happen towards their top goals.

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