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The Online Training Center® by EBA-Consulting® is a top notch web-based training for individuals and companies. It provides a wide variety of continuing training courses, seminars and resources on several competencies that are useful for professional high performance. Our training is organized in the following products:

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MOOC Training®

Our MOOC Training® is a FREE model for delivering learning content online to any individual who wants to take a self-paced course, with no limit on attendance and ans expert facilitator. MOOC Training® provide convenient and flexible way to learn new skills, develop lifelong competencies and deliver quality training experiences. Whether you’re interested in learning for yourself, advancing your career or leveraging online courses to educate your workforce, EBA-Consulting can help.

7 Minutes Training®

Our 7 Minutes Training® is a set of libraries that uses Speed Training Methodology which involves increasing the rate at which a professional can perform a certain task. This kind of training is perfect for “training on the go” and for those who do not want to invest much time and money to travel to receive in-person training. These mini-courses can be custom-made to fulfill your company’s requirements, allowing you to offer to your staff a shopping kind of training, where they can find a wide range of topics cutomized to fit in your organization.

Tailor-made Online Courses®

Our Tailor-made Online Courses® are a real online learning experience. Our flexible and agile tools provide many benefits to your human capital. Your team can learn using an unlimited number of professional training materials, for example, presentations, simulations, guidelines, interactions, quizzes, and a lot more. Our methods foster the arrange of courses into genuine learning paths to systematize training and all your employees can easily access the training at the best time.

Certificación MAGIC®

The MAGIC® (Management And Growth Innovative Coaching) Method is a multidisciplinary, innovative and practical training method. Through high impact techniques and real experiences, allows everyone to arouse and widen professional competencies, strategies and knowledge to enhance personal change processes, development and growth. It also improves work environment, boost efficiency and create high performance professionals.

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