Our professionals with wide experience in business and corporate companies will provide you an important source of advice, information and strategies that undoubtedly you will properly take advantage of. Companies assisted by experienced professionals and by a serious organization that uses updated and innovative methodologies as EBA-Consulting can achieve their goals in a more comprehensive, faster and dynamic way, also they can be adapted daily to chalenges and difficulties of our changing world.

Many people have some suspicion by the consulting services based on the idea that “no one will know better than me the problems I have and the way to solve them”; well, strictly consulting services will do nothing for you nor is a miraculous solution, NOT a single consulting firm does that. Our comprehensive service aims to be the compass that you requires to develop the ability to resolve conflicts, problems and hazards within your institution that you may not be aware of, or you may detect but you try to solve them from a flawed subjective approach; so, consultancy offers you a range of valuable tools offered by our specialists to develop a better strategy to make your company the best taking you to leadership and excellence. As Goethe said, “To accept good advice is but to increase one’s own ability”. Certainly, our service provides advantages for:

  • Reaching your current or future business goals and improve existing procedures.
  • Discover and evaluate new opportunities.
  • Include positive changes in your organization.
  • Train your company’s staff and managers.

Executive Committee

EBA-Consulting was founded in 2004 in Madrid, Spain with the aim of being the leading consulting firm for companies, entrepreneurs and SME entrepreneurs. Over time EBA-Consulting has been established through the leadership and experience of its consulting management team headed by Omar España Arrieta, Managing Director, Rafael Alemán Lucio, Director for Latin America and Jaume Bauzá Bisáñez, Director for Europe; all of them have provided EBA-Consulting a guidance that transcends the success of each of our clients.

In 2010 we began operations in Mexico to promote openness and strengthen the bonds of our partners on both continents thereby enriching the consulting work we provide to our customers.

Our Specialists

Currently EBA-Consulting team consists of a network of highly experienced experts, all specialists in their own areas that will provide your company with a responsible professional and objective work. Our procedures are analyzed and verified often to develop our services as part of a continuous improvement process that is reflected in benefits for our clients. We also use the latest technology and applications to provide efficient work.

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