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Course: Entrepreneurship, innovation and management

This course consists of 5 trainings of 8 hours each that will be developed in the facilities of the Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife and with the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Tenerife. The topics are: June 29 “Leadership in times of globalization and technology”; July 23 “Working between cultures: A new reality in a technological XXI Century”; September 20 “Communication 3.0”; October 29 “The technological transformation in strategic organizational design”; and on November 22 “Technology and people: new labor relations and changes in management”. Take advantage of the opportunity and update your knowledge!

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Our brand evolves

There are four main reasons for our new brand adaptation: a) Because the consumer in charge and is empowered to take action: We should embrace it by moving from creating brands to refinement them, so we can add even more value to our customers. b) Become more integrated so that all of our brands are more cohesive. c) Invest in our talent development and capabilities under one strong umbrella brand. d) Use traditional and online marketing as a driver of social, economic and environmental progress.



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